Wednesday, December 10, 2008


After Holland Park I decided that Flamingo Gardens in Davie, FL might be a good place to go. After all it is wooded and there are lots of plants and trees there. If I were a bird I would like it there.
At first I didn’t find much in the way of "wild life" but I kept going as I was finding all manner of things to photograph and I was learning about our birds and getting to see some of them up close and personal and learning to ID them.

There are so many things at Flamingo Gardens to catch the eye of a nature photographer, of course at the time I didn’t realize that was what I was turning into. In fact I didn’t really realize it till this year. First it was birds then in the summer when the birds were scarce I turned to flowers with a dash of butterflies and dragonflies.

Then I found myself seeking out anything in nature snakes, raccoons, and alligators were of course a natural. Now I do Spiders and their webs, Mushroom and fungi, all manner of bugs or insects and reptiles from little lizards to rather large Iguanas. These and much more can be found at Flamingo Gardens. It is getting so that if it is in front of my camera I will try to photograph it and it is very easy to get something in front of the camera at Flamingo.
Now flamingo Gardens is not free. There is an Admission but I am a member and membership has its privilege. So I do get in free and I do go there quite often. It’s fairly close to home and there is something about that place that revives me. Some of the many attractions that I avail myself of are the Arboretum and the different gardens, and the area where the Geese and Swans are. To me these areas provide a lot of opportunity for photographing wildlife and flowering trees and shrubs. Another favorite photography spot are the Butterfly & Hummingbird Gardens. These gardens host a variety of flowering plants and shrubs to attract many different species of butterflies & hummingbirds. I will often sit in on a Wildlife Encounter or take the Tour by Tram and I like going through the Wray Home and seeing all the history there. Right now it is all decked out in its finest for the Holiday Season. I enjoy walking through the Bird of Prey Center even though it makes me sad that all the birds have sustained injuries that will not allow them to be able to fly free again. It is fun though to see the newborns here and know that they at least will have a chance at being released into the wild one day. I enjoy Flamingo Island which as you can tell by the name is where the Flamingos are and I enjoy the River Otter, Bobcat and Panther Habitats as well as Alligator Lagoon. I have been known to buy gift from the Gift shop and The Garden shop and if I am hungry I might stop at the Flamingo Cafe for a bit to eat. So as you can see there is something for everyone young and old alike here.
So if you are ever in the area, be sure to visit Flamingo Gardens in Davie Fl. You can check out their link for more information.